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BarrierRopes.com – bespoke barrier ropes and queue management accessories

Outhwaites Ltd (Ropemakers), established in 1905, have been one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of rope barrier and queuing systems for many years.

Our barrier rope customers include stately homes, galleries, museums, leading retail chains, airports, banks, building societies, shop fitters, exhibitions and many others.

The choice of barrier system will depend on the type of use, for example, protecting a display, directing or guiding customers, customer flow, preventing unauthorised access or controlling queues. In turn this will determine the importance of such properties as robustness, flexibility, appearance and cost.

We offer two main types of barrier system, the traditional rope and braid system as well as the ultra modern retractable system.

Either type can be ordered in three easy-to-follow steps using the links above - whichever system you choose you can do so with confidence using our secure online shopping facility.

NB: Colours on your screen may vary slightly from the actual colours. If you require colour clarification please ask for a selection of the yarns we use by forwarding your name and address to, info@barrierropes.com

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